Unlike most Laser Hair Reduction Centres, Heler can effectively treat all skin types. In the past, laser hair removal was only effective for people who have fair skin and dark hair, leaving out the vast number of patients requiring hair removal. We use Lightsheer Desire - a diode laser, the gold standard for hair removal. We do use Nd-Yag and an IPL too for certain skin and hair types. Lightsheer Desire is a USFDA approved laser for hair reduction and considered safest amongst all laser technologies.











The patented Chill Tip of Lightsheer Desire allows facial areas, as well as the back, shoulders, abdomens and legs to be treated effectively. A fast coverage rate and the continuous contact cooling of the epidermis provides for optimal efficiency with ensured patient safety and comfort. Since the efficacy of any laser treatment is dependent upon the skill of the technician and quality of the equipment being used, it is always advisable to have any hair removal performed at a professional clinic like Heler that specializes in dermatologic treatments. We offer superior results to the widest variety of patients and our Light Sheer Desire Diode Laser System has an unsurpassed library of clinically succesful cases of hair removal.

Different tips of Lightsheer Desire can be used in different ares like for eyebrow shaping, under arm hair removal, beard shaping, facial hair removal, bikini hair removal and full body hair removal.