In this world of “thrilling” and “captivating” marketing strategies the cosmetic industry is moving away from the medicine’s traditional principle of ‘a treatment for each patient’ to a confusing mess of a la carte services. These services are offered by cosmetologists, non-dermatologists and the uber fancy Trichologists who essentially are non-doctors. More and more patients are being led to believe that they can pick and choose procedures on their own, with no understanding of the science behind these indications.  We, at Heler beg to differ and hence offer treatments and services based on thorough consultation, clinical knowledge and detailed interpretation of your condition and expectations.

We provide you with recommendations for maintaining your skin care by incorporating full body skin exams and state of the art mole-mapping & photo-imaging to track changes in your skin care health.


Heler is a medically driven state-of-the-art clinic headed by a team of highly skilled Doctors, compassionate nurses, trained therapists and hospitable staff. Our team is committed to every client and devoted to every procedure, our client’s satisfaction is a reflection of our success and this is why we strive to deliver the very best experience.


To deliver high quality and comprehensive services to our clients with excellence, compassion and competence.


To enfold health and beauty and be the leading source of Aesthetics and Lifestyle laser solutions in India. To effectively enable consultations remotely (Web-Consultation) thereby reaching to the maximum number of patients. To streamline the quality of aesthetics and to unify tariff of these procedures.


To maintain the highest standards and achieve continuous quality care


We welcome change, encourage to continually search for better and more efficient treatments


Collaborate and share knowledge for the benefit of the patient.


Strive to exceed our patient expectations for comfort and convenience


Demonstrate our commitment to a world class care by providing a caring and supportive environment to our patients.