Acne is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the Pilosebaceous unit (sebum producing gland and conjoined hair follicle) resulting in excessive oiliness, black heads, white heads, nodules or cysts affecting mainly the face, chest and upper back.

Acne is a common disorder affecting 90% of adolescents and 50% of the times it persists beyond the age of 30 as adult acne. If not treated early and controlled, it often leads to pigmentation and scarring.

Surveys across the world suggest the impact of such sequelae from acne on the quality of life is similar to certain serious conditions like heart diseases or diabetes causing considerable psycho social distress and emotional impairment.

How it Works

Acne is a multi-factorial disease where many contributory factors are interlinked and it is important that before one ventures into any form of treatment to consult a qualified dermatologist to ensure all the underlying causative factors are addressed for a successful treatment outcome. This may include correcting any hormonal disturbance, underlying systemic diseases or medications causing acne, dietary and lifestyle modifications, excessive cosmetic use.

At Heler our panel of expert doctors have a comprehensive consultation and prepare a suitable treatment plan based on the type of acne you have, delivering best results.

Early acne may require medical intervention initially combined with chemical peels or lasers to control acne flare-ups and pigmentation. IPL acne filter is a unique way of treating acne using lasers. Acne scarring is treated with advanced lasers like Fractional CO2 combined with ResurfX laser which gives best results treating your superficial and deep scars seamlessly. Platelet-rich plasma therapy with microneedling or dermaroller are other techniques employed to enhance the treatment outcomes.

The best of medical treatment with state of the Laser treatments are combined at Heler to ensure all your acne woes are taken care of.

Heler’s Approach:

Depending on the type of acne, treatment modalities vary. Our Dermatologists at Heler identify the specific type and would recommend either

1. Conservative Management – Use of medication like retinols,benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics or even antifungal depending on the type and cause of acne.

2. Advanced Treatment – Acne can be controlled by use of Blue-Light therapy in conjunction with topical levulinic acid or with Intense Pulse Light Treatment or using Photofractional therapy again depending on the type and nature of acne.


Since acne is identified to be a multi-factorial problem, the treatments need to customized for the type of acne that you may have. It could be a combination of medical, cosmetic and laser treatments which can be determined after a comprehensive consultation with our dermatologists.

At Heler your acne concerns are dealt with in a step-wise manner, initially identifying the reason for your excess acne, later planning treatment in stages to control acne and then eliminating pigmentation or scars resulting from acne.

Adult acne is persistence of acne beyond 30 yrs or sudden appearance of acne at this age. A detailed assessment is done by our dermatologist to determine any underlying cause and treatment is commenced depending on the severity of your acne.

Diet in acne should be restricted to low carb diet which is essentially a diet with low glycemic index. However there may be certain trigger factors as well which our dermatologist will counsel and help you identify.

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