Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Hair is one of the most sensitive appendage in the body which is constantly exposed to several noxious environmental factors like ultra-violet radiations, hard water, harsh chemicals in commercial hair care products,hair treatments like bleaching straightening, perming many of the times an improper diet,stressful lifestyle, infact the list goes on where we persistently abuse our hair everyday and do very less to nurture them.

Hair fall in men and women are a growing concern where hair thinning and balding has become a problem concerning the youth more than anyone else. Normally our body sheds hair continuously and this in the range of 50-100 strands of hair a day. Anything above 100 strands is concerning. An easy way to evaluate excess hair fall is when you notice more than usual hair on your pillow, on the floor or it may be your shower drain getting clogged frequently with tufts of hair.

How it Works

Early hair fall is not normal and multiple factors may play a role. Hormonal abnormalities, genetic factors, medications, psychological stress, systemic illnesses, infections of the scalp and structural hair defects may be the underlying cause which needs a detailed evaluation by a qualified dermatologist who would address your hair loss concern by examining the nature of the hair loss, running an appropriate lab work-up and advising proper hair care treatments.

At Heler our world renowned panel of dermatologists specialized in hair treatments provide surgical and non-surgical treatment to men and women who suffer from hair loss.

Stem cell therapy or Mesotherapy is a ground breaking advance in the treatment of hair re-growth. Stem cells normally present near the root of the hair follicle has the capacity to regenerate infinitely ensuring a constant supply of cells stimulating fast development of hair cells. The stem cells are gradually lost in many suffering from hair loss and when not addressed early leads to baldness.

Heler’s Approach:

At Heler we provide Stem Cell Therapy as a non-surgical remedy to regain natural healthy hair growth by using concentrated stem cell preparations which are introduced to the area of hair loss and are proven to be absolutely safe and effective for both men and women.

We also offer the latest innovation in anti-hair fall treatments called Platelet injections which is a natural therapy for hair loss treatment wherein we use an individuals own body cells for regeneration of hair. Platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP) involves using an effective concentration of multiple fundamental growth factors (GFs) by virtue of platelets alone and plasma proteins. This cocktail of growth factors is pivotal in modulation of hair growth.

PRP is prepared by the use of automated devices, in a day care setting just prior to the procedure. The process must be carried out under strict aseptic conditions as well as optimum temperature regulations. At Heler we used US-FDA approved equipments and imported kits for the procedure following international protocols and guidelines ensuring the most safest and effective treatment. Our team of Doctor’s personally perform the procedures and treatments with at most precision and care.

Our dermatologists would also recommend appropriate hair supplements and hair care products which are essential to benefit the treatments effectively.

So take back control of your hair and restore your lost glory.

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