Laser Treatment For Melasma

Melasma is a medical condition of the skin with increased patches of pigmentation primarily on the face, while it can occur in both genders, 90% of cases occur in women in the third or fourth decade. It is a dark skin discolouration caused by excessive melanin found predominantly in women on sun-exposed areas of the face.Those most affected by this skin disorder are women with medium to darker skin tones.It’s a very common skin disorder that can be effectively treated with Heler’s advanced laser treatments. Women experiencing hormonal fluctuations in pregnancy, or while taking contraceptive pills or hormone replacement therapy, have a greater incidence of this condition. The risk is even higher for those over-exposed to sunlight, or whose skin has suffered chronic irritation from external sources such as chemicals, abrasion and even waxing.Typically, melasma first appears as dark spots on the face such as sunspots or sun damaged skin, and later develops into a more extensive mask-like coverage of the skin. It presents with an uneven, brown-toned discolouration found mostly on the cheeks, nose, lips and forehead.The colour of skin affected by melasma will vary depending on the concentration, density and depth of melanin at different locations within the affected area.

Accordingly, the most effective melasma treatments often require a combination of different lasers. Fortunately, Heler Skin, Hair & Lifestyle Clinic has an array of lasers that effectively target all types of skin discolouration.

When patients come to Heler for melasma treatment, our approach is proactive and involved, and your goals become ours. Your treatment will be delivered by highly skilled dermatologists with an extensive background of treating complex skin conditions for all skin types and skin colour.

Lasers in Melasma

The imperfections or dark patches on the face, aretreated by targeting the chromophore i.e. pigment melanin. When precisely targeted with the efficient energy, the melanin absorbs theenergy, causing a change in its molecular structure. Consequently it is no longer is recognised by the immune system which actively breaks it down and dissolves it away over a course of 4-6 weeks, leaving your skin free of discolouration. In some cases, the targeted melanin crusts over and flakes off in 3-7 days, revealing perfectly virgin skin underneath.Effective laser treatment for melasma at Heler typically require 6-8sessions spaced 3-4 weeks apart. In each case our advanced protocols interact with your body’s natural physiological processes regulating melanin content and turnover. Together the synergistic partnership between our treatment and your physiology achieves the best possible results.Apart from laser treatment, topical creams are also prescribed tosuppress your skin from reforming the unwanted pigmentation.

In order to achieve the best possible results for your skin, successful melasma treatment should start with thorough patient’s education. Skin Specialists at Heler work in conjunction with Internal Medicine Specialist and Gynaecologist to offer unparalleled results.


Although melasma is a complex pigmentary problem, combining the appropriate treatments with suitable home care measures can bring about good improvement.

At Heler we have the privilege of having all the advanced laser treatments under one roof hence our expert panel of dermatologists have the advantage of combining them to give you the best results.

Over the counter cream use have become rampant these days and if not used appropriately can have harmful effects on your skin. Please let the dermatologist decide what creams may be suitable for yourself.

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