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Any growth on skin can be excised using the best in class CO2 Acupulse laser with Surgitouch. It is an advanced, quick, non-surgical approach with no bleeding, pain or down-time. Laser beam targets the lesion without affecting the surrounding tissue excising the growth, simultaneously coagulating any bleeding capillary, hence very minimal or no bleeding. Heler offers US FDA approved Acupulse CO2 with highly skilled Dermatologist ensuring the precision with which these growths are excised.

Advantages :

  • Laser is an advanced modality compared to cautery and surgical excision
  • Quick – more often one single session
  • Very minimal bleeding or no bleeding
  • Painless – Under topical and local anaesthesia
  • No-downtime – Hospitalisation not required
  • Minimal or no scar

Warts are caused by various strains of the human papilloma virus (HPV) and are contagious.Warts appear as raised bumps on the body or face, soft or tan, skin-tag like lesions in the genital region, or sometimes painful, flat spots on the hands or feetCommon warts, called Verruca Vulgaris, affect the trunk, arms, hands, legs, and face. Warts affecting the palms or soles of the feet are called Verruca Palmaris and Plantaris. Warts affecting the genitals are called Condyloma Acuminata.
Depending on the type and area of wart, skin specialists at Heler will either prescribe conventional medical treatment like anti viral drugs, salicylic acid topical application or advanced laser treatment to effectively excise the wart and its cause.


Small localised warts can be treated conservatively with certain topical preparations but larger warts are always treated with lasers due to chances of multiplying and spreading.

If the warts are not removed early, they can grow in size and spread. A wart has to be completely removed to ensure it does not recur.

Anaesthetics (numbing agents) are applied before treatment to ensure the treatments are comfortable.

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