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These are distinct lines on face and neck caused due to sun damage or ageing or exaggerated expressions(in professional actors and dancers).These changes are a result of either muscle motion, loss of fat, loss of collagen, loss of skin’s elasticity or even caused by gravity. Frown lines, Laugh lines, Crow’s feet and the lines between one’s eyebrows- whatever you call them, are also a sign of your time in the sun. Exposure to sunlight, even long ago, frays the fibres that prop up firm skin. It speeds the wrinkling process and may give you sags and droops beyond your years.

Injectables -Dermal Fillers & Neurotoxins – The Age Defying Elixirs!

Ageing is inevitable, looking your age is not. With the help of Dermal Fillers & Neurotoxins, all those Fine Lines and Wrinkles can be instantly erased. The results are almost magical, patients can appreciate the positive changes on the chair itself. Neurotoxins like Botulinum Toxin is widely used to paralyse the hyperactive muscles thereby treating expression lines also called the Dynamic Lines. Even younger individuals with overt expressions can have these prominent lines, especially on the forehead(frown lines) between eyebrows and corners of the eye(crows feet). A few drops of Botulinum Toxin injected into these sites can erase the lines temporarily. The results last between 4 to 6 months.

Dermal Fillers are injected to compensate volume loss due to ageing. Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally existing component in the human body, hence is an obvious choice. When injected into the site with volume loss, it immediately fills in space & can be moulded to achieve desired lift.Both botox and fillers are considered the magical potions because the results are instant.

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Natural Anti-Ageing Aids or Lasers for Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Lasers on the other hand are the tools of natural anti-ageing because they target the cause. Lasers in aesthetics work by the principle of controlled periodic tissue damage there by inducing collagen remodelling or collagen regeneration. The results are gradual, longer lasting and natural. Heler skin, hair & lifestyle clinic offers a wide range of laser treatment for fine lines and wrinkles based on customised needs and condition. Our in-house acupulse is a remarkable tool but requires a downtime whereas the non-ablative resurfx delivers optimum results without any downtime.

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